FanDuel Is Giving You A Chance To Win … Wait, How Much? Holy Crap, Seriously?

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.23.12 6 Comments

We’re running another fantasy baseball game this week with our pals from, and if you haven’t been won over by the ability to win cash in free games or toss in a few bucks and win a few hundred making me look like a chump, hold on to your butts.

The FanDuel Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship consists of 15 Friday qualifying tournaments that are only $10 to enter. Each weekly tournament has over $3000 in prizes, but if you win one of the 15 qualifying tournaments, you and a friend win an all expenses paid trip to the Palazzo in Las Vegas the weekend of July 28 & 29. There, the 15 finalists will compete for $250,000 in cash prizes in a one-day fantasy baseball game with the winner taking home $100,000. Again, it’s only $10 to enter and you can enter as many teams as you want.

Yo dawg, I heard you like fantasy games in your fantasy games

But no, seriously, for this week’s game you can sign up for only $10 and end up winning $100,000. That is insane. I’m counting on a Jimmy from The Wizard style run here to send me to the championships. CALIFORRRRRNIA.

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