Fantasy Football Draft Danger Zone: AFC North Picks That Could Doom Your Team

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Are you working on a major medical breakthrough or about to reconcile with your estranged grandparents? Well, put that stuff on pause, because fantasy football is back in its rightful place as the most important thing in our lives. It’s all the fun of being an easily aggravated NFL GM without a pesky seven figure payday getting in the way. Real GMs must be jealous we pay to do this, right? Right?

We’re currently in that mystical preseason place where anything can happen with your fantasy football squad. (Remember to get that lewd joke or Simpsons-based team name sorted out in advance.) Optimism is plentiful, you’ve decided to never trust Jeremy Langford again, and your would-be superteam is destined for glory. We at UPROXX believe in you and your holy quest and we want to help.

Every NFL squad always has a player (or six) that are bound to seduce you into drafting them too high and put you in some variety of Archer certified Danger Zone. These are the sort of fantasy options that could still pay off huge, but come with some serious questions before you make your official selection. We’ve wrangled together a tidy collection of 32 players (one for each team, including the dead mall of a football club that is the New York Jets) that we think are worth having a think about before joining your roster.

Today we peer into the seedy underbelly of the AFC North. The Steelers are stacked with the likes of Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown in their black and yellow attack, although the Ravens, Bengals and Browns deserve your attention too. Here are the players you’ll want to think twice about before selecting in your draft and mailing them a $40,000 check. (Or whatever it is you do in your fantasy league.)

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