The Best Waiver Wire Picks To Scoop Up For Week 16 Of Fantasy Football

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This is it. You’ve rolled past the semis, dude. You’re now either playing for a relatively satisfying third-place spot (possibly cursing the football injury gods for what they’ve done to Antonio Brown), or you’re in the championship game. At this point, FAAB budgets are low, the waiver wire is thin, but there are still plays to be made before fantasy glory is tightly secured and then held to your chest like a newborn baby that will only make you proud no matter how many years pass.

Good luck to you in this fantasy football championship week.

Waiver Wire

SF WR Marquise Goodwin: Since Jimmy Garoppolo took over the 49ers offense, Goodwin has been a no.1 receiver. Full stop. He’s not the gadget player he was billed to be, he isn’t the player the Bills thought he was. He’s a damn good, damn fast wide receiver that’s catching everything thrown his way. 39 targets over the last four weeks, 28 catches, just under 400 yards. If he was scoring touchdowns, he’d be the second coming of Will Fuller’s second coming. He’s still available in a few leagues and can win you a title. Play him over Mike Evans, any of the Packers receivers (even with Rodgers), and frankly, just about everyone.

PHI QB Nick Foles: This Eagles offense is very good. The Eagles have a very good offensive system. The Eagles, even without MVP candidate Carson Wentz, could possibly still win a Super Bowl, or at least lose to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, with Nick Foles under center.

Granted, Foles went up against the Giants, who have been giving out touchdowns as early Christmas gifts to any offense that opposes them, but now the Eagles play the Raiders, who are nearly as porous.

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