Fantasy Football Heartbreak: Tracking The Worst Calls From Week 1

The first week of the NFL season, also known as the first week of fantasy football season, didn’t go well. Studs were busts all over the place and multiple key injuries have already sent some squads into a tailspin. Fantasy football, in this sense, is like war. You have to head onto the battlefield already knowing you’re dead or you won’t get through it week to week. The swings come hard and fast, and you need to buck up and shrug off the hits to your fantasy team and ego if there’s any hope at recovery.

And while some may be making it out of Week 1 healthy with a win, others have had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory, and for an unlucky few, their fantasy season might already be done. We’re looking at you, the special group of fantasy managers that had David Johnson, Allen Robinson, and Danny Woodhead on their teams.

This is Sunday Night Heartbreak, where the most depressed tweets of the fantasy day are collected and considered in an odd bit of catharsis which we can all use to power through these tough times. So if you had Kareem Hunt on your bench, decided not to pick up Cooper Kupp, or just saw David Johnson, a near-unanimous number one overall pick go down, this is for you.

For the rest, this is glorious schadenfreude. Especially if you were facing Brandon Marshall Sunday night.