Farewell Bobby Cox

10.12.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

Three things have remained constant since 1990: The Simpsons, Carson Daly being a douche, and Bobby Cox managing the Braves. One of those things came to an end yesterday. Nope, The Simpsons are still on the air. I was surprised, too.

With the Giants 3-2 victory last night to advance to the NLCS, Bobby Cox ended his 25 year career, the last 20 of which was at the helm of the Atlanta Braves. Bobby’s career ends with 3 NL Manager of the Year awards, 1 AL Manager of the Year award, 2 World Series championships, and the record for most ejections in the history of the game. I’m not sure the last one is so much of an accomplishment as it is a tradition of being a pain in the ass. Cox is fourth on the managerial win list, composing a career record of 2504-2001.

Following the game, the Giants showed class by bringing their celebration to a halt to honor Cox as he acknowledged the standing ovation from the crowd.

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