05.07.09 9 years ago 5 Comments

Y! Sports is citing an unnamed source in reporting that Brett Favre and the Vikings could not come to terms on a deal:

The source said Favre told Vikings coach Brad Childress that he wanted to remain retired in a phone call that took place sometime in the last day. Favre is expected to publicly explain his decision soon.

In other words, Favre wanted to sit out all the OTAs and minicamps leading up to the season, and Childress said, “No dice, Favre.” I mean, doesn’t Childress look like the kind of guy that would say “No dice”? He’d be a good history teacher like that. I can just see him spouting on about Bacon’s Rebellion when the troublemaker in the back of the class interrupts him. Yo, Mr. Childress? Can I go to the bathroom? “No dice, Griffin.” Because the kid’s name is always Griffin, you see. This is exactly how it’ll go down once Childress gets fired from the Vikings next February.

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