FC Dallas CEO Smothered His Wife With A Pillow, Or ‘Help Me Pick A New MLS Team’

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11.14.12 27 Comments

Nothing makes you feel quite as warm on your insides as waking up to read about how the head of your favorite Major League Soccer club celebrated his 50th birthday by beating the shit out of his wife and smothering her with a pillow until she was unconscious. What a great morning.

The 6-foot-5, 250-pound [FC Dallas CEO Hal Douglas] Quinn allegedly pummeled his much-smaller wife’s face and body, choked her with both hands, and held a pillow over her face until she passed out, the sources said.

Quinn was arrested at 4 p.m. on charges of assault and strangulation, and his wife was treated by paramedics at the scene for injuries to her face, arm, legs and eye, which was swollen shut, the sources said. (via NYPost.com)

One of the saddest parts of the story, like with many spousal abuse scenarios, is the part where Quinn’s wife says it just “got out of hand” and that they plan to stay together because they have two young children. The very worst part of it is that the New York Post decided to use SOCK-HER EXEC as it’s headline. F**k you so hard for that, New York Post.

I had a great experience at Pizza Hut Park and had been using FC Dallas as a valiant attempt to get into soccer, but … yeah. It’s not like the team got together and tried to suffocate this woman, but it’s hard to support a squad run by a guy who has a part in sentences like this:

“In these cases, which are usually ‘he said, she said,’ there is often another side to the story, and there certainly is one here,” Hal Quinn’s lawyers said in a statement.

… so it’s probably best that I organize a Help Me Pick A New MLS Team poll and retire my FC Dallas jersey. The Houston Dynamo have a big cross-eyed fox mascot, maybe I’ll go see what they’re about.

[h/t to Randy D.]

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