Your NFL Team’s #1 Fictional Fan, Ranked

Just as us normal, ordinary Joes love to spend our Sundays watching the NFL with a Bud Light in our hand, there are plenty of fictional fans out there cheering, too. After all, the point of a good movie or TV series is to tap into our psyches and relate to those things that we love most, and plenty of us are always big, old suckers for the pigskin. Some of us fans are proud to be identified with these characters, while others might wish that they jump ship and find another team to hitch their annoying wagons to, but as long as there’s a goofy head of the family or meatheaded neighbor, there’s going to be a fictional fan of that local NFL franchise.

But which of these fake people are the best? After all, the NFL can only have one true champion each year, so we should adopt that style in picking the best TV or movie NFL fan of the best. Unfortunately, not every team has been lucky enough to have an imaginary person cheering them on, and some of the others just aren’t very special. The rest, though, are all deserving of our praise and celebration, all the way from the bottom to the very top, and we’ve found a few photos that represent the kind of fans they’d be.

25) Saints – Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother

24) Bills – Billy Brown, Buffalo ‘66
23) Jaguars – Kate Upton
22) Steelers – Alex P. Keaton, Family Ties
21) Bengals – Homer Simpson
20) Cowboys – Cristela Alonzo
19) Redskins – Jimmy (Mike O’Malley), Yes Dear
18) Raiders – Bud Bundy
17) Seahawks – Ralph Wiggum
16) Cardinals – Ray Boyd, Jerry Maguire
15) Giants – Patton Oswalt, Paul Aufiero in Big Fan

14) Jets: Doug Heffernan, The King of Queens
13) Browns – Peter Scolari, Bosom Buddies
12) Packers – Frank Lambert, Step by Step
11) 49ers – Danny Tanner

10) Patriots – Peter Griffin
9) Lions – Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor
8) Ravens – Bunk, The Wire
7) Vikings – Marshall Eriksen
6) Broncos – Stan Marsh
5) Eagles – The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Crew
4) Chargers – Daniel LaRusso, The Karate Kid
3) Bears – The Superfans
2) Dolphins – J-Lo in Out of Sight
1) Colts – Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson

As you can see, if you’re a football fan in a sitcom, amazing things can happen. But we’ll never get on the field or meet our heroes in person, right? Don’t be so sure, not with Bud Light on a mission to see who’s up for whatever. Take, for example, this real moment, when one man proved he was up for whatever as the ultimate Denver Broncos fan. So, keep a Bud Light handy; you never know what might just happen.