‘FIFA 18’ Gets An Incredibly Smooth E3 2017 Trailer Featuring Cristiano Ronaldo In A Mo-Cap Suit

Over the last three or four iterations of FIFA, the game has seen multiple engine changes which have led to smoother gameplay on an exponential level. Still, scrapping then starting with a new engine has led to some legacy issues that have kept us from really, truly entering the next generation. There’s nothing worse than seeing a 5-year-old animation in a brand new game.

Now, it seems like old animations are becoming a thing of the past with EA pushing Cristiano Ronaldo’s motion capture to the forefront of FIFA 18. It looks like the purest soccer yet. The motion capture by Ronaldo, combined with the devs being more in-tune with the Frostbite engine means an even better experience when it comes down to the little things, like juggling, defense, and playing around the goal.

One needs to only look so far as this ball bouncing around the goal line to know that the hitboxes need to be refined, and animations can be improved. It seems like this iteration will deliver the best and most detailed FIFA yet, which is welcome, considering the game is in a solid place that needs little fixes now, instead of huge waves of changes to the gameplay.