It Doesn’t Get Worse Than Multiple Shots On Goal Blasted Off The Crossbar Like In This ‘FIFA 18’ Play

10.05.17 5 months ago

There’s nothing quite like a near-miss to induce that special brand of Gamer Rage™ that will make you squeeze your controller so hard that you think it might break but it doesn’t, so you’re just left a little sweaty and mostly embarrassed. FIFA 18 can create these moments. We’ve seen shots on roll inches from the goal line, somehow gently moving along as multiple players dive around it, only for nothing to happen. But this?

This is three (3) beautiful shots, just feet from the goal. The first, a one-timer, is struck with the power of a thousand Ronaldos, but bounces right off the post. Acting quickly, a header follows up to the wide-open net but that also bounces off the goal, only to reflect off towards another waiting forehead which sends it right back to an even more open goal.

But the tremendous headers result in a big fat nothing burger, resulting, in the tears of a million gamers and possibly the divine strength to finally crush the controller. You know how mothers under duress have single-handedly lifted cars off their kids? This is the type of situation in which someone could actually be granted the power to crumble the fine, expensive plastic with their bare hands. That’s how terrible these misses are.

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