Fighter Dogs Power Rankings? Fighter Dogs Power Rankings.

Dogs are the best, I will brook no argument to the contrary on this subject.

Mixed martial artists seem to agree, as the majority of fighters have fantastic dogs. With so many pooches in the mix, it’s tough to pick the best (And what is sports but an endeavor to find out who or what is the best at a particular thing?). Thankfully, my many years of both being a fan of MMA and a fan of dogs has allowed me a unique position to rank fighter dogs. Let it be known, though, that despite the numerical ratings assigned, all of these dogs are great and I want to be best friends with each and every one of them. The criteria is simple: there must be at least one sourceable picture of the dog and the athlete.

Before we get into the meat of the list, there are some honorable mentions, as a list is only as respectable as the entries it was forced to snub.

Hector “Sick Dawg” Ramirez

First of all, I would never celebrate a dog that is ill (Unless it has the proper licensing). Secondly, Ramirez is the wrong type of dawg entirely. Get healthy, become a real dog, and try harder next time, Hector.

Bas Rutten’s rabbit, Peanut Butter

If I was compiling a general list of rad pets owned by people involved in fighting, Rutten’s rabbit would make the cut. Unfortunately, bunnies don’t count for diddly-squirt in the fighter dog power rankings. Sorry, El Guapo.

Rugs, Lyoto Machida’s monkey pal

Again, loses points for not being an actual canine. However, holy cow, this is probably top three of my favorite MMA GIFs of all time. Wanna hug that monkey so bad. I am convinced world peace would be attained through strategic deployments of monkey hugs.

On to the actual rankings!

13. Alan Belcher’s tiny dog

Alan Belcher is a pretty cool dude (With one of the most hilari-bad tattoos in MMA history, which is saying something), and his tiny little dog is pretty great. This little pooch is a nice change of pace considering most fighters have big, hulking dogs with “pit” somewhere in the name of the breed.

12. Jason Miller’s dachshund, Gator the Hotdog Dog

Wiener dogs are pretty great, and frankly, the only reason Gator gets docked points is because of who his owner is. Miller’s a lunatic (And not in the good way), and should probably not be in charge of caring for himself, let alone another living creature. Stay safe out there, Gator! Also, at one point, I’m assuming Mayhem decided to dye Gator green and shave a scaly, diamond pattern into the poor little guy’s fur. Stop being a terrible human, Mayhem.

11. Chael Sonnen’s Mr. Danger Waffles

I’m a sucker for an intriguing name, and nothing really tops Mr. Danger Waffles. According to unrepentant liar, Chael Sonnen, the “danger” part comes from Chael’s concern regarding the dog’s ability to navigate stairs while he was a puppy. “Waffles” comes into play because the dog would steal waffles from the kitchen table. Combine the two concepts, and you have a great name for a pretty adorable dog.

10. Benson Henderson’s Akita

Bendo has a pretty snazzy pup, though maybe the advanced jiu-jitsu techniques can wait.

9. Ronda Rousey’s mastiff, Mochi

If you’ve seen the Metro PCS commercial, you’ve seen Mochi. An adorable, gigantic beast of a dog (Big dogs best dogs)

8. Julie Kedzie’s Bailey

Kedzie’s dog, Bailey, is the unofficial mascot of Team Jackson/Winklejohn, and it’s obvious why. Any poor sparring sessions can easily be assuaged by hugging that awesome dog.

7. Rashad Evans’ dog, Romeo