Find Waldo (And Probably Penises) On The Stockton Thunder ‘We Paint The Ice Night’ Ice

Maybe it’s like a Magic Eye. If you stare at it long enough you’ll see a schooner.

Anyway, the Stockton Thunder of the mid-level East Coast Hockey League are in the middle of executing our new favorite quirky minor league promotion … well, at least ONE of our favorites, alongside the ugly Christmas sweaters and Chewbacca jerseys. As part of their “Kids Take Over Stockton Arena Night” promotion — basically “take somebody else’s kid to work day” — the Thunder allowed 845 kids to paint whatever they wanted on the ice.

We really hope the screening process weeded out any kids who’d paint dicks. Here’s the painting in action:

“The goal was to do something new, unique and different both for Stockton and for hockey in general,” team President Brian Sandy said. “We also wanted to give our young fans an opportunity to showcase their creativity and to have a chance to interact with our players in a fun environment.”

The ice will now be sealed over and Stockton will play its next home game on the newly redecorated surface on January 3rd for “WE PAINT the Ice Night” as the Thunder make hockey history as the first team to play on ice covered in fan artwork. Friday’s game will be at 7:30 p.m. PST, also against the San Francisco Bulls.

Everyone should’ve painted small, black circles on the ice to make it impossible to play.

Via OurSportsCentral