First Of All, It Won’t Be A NEW YORK Super Bowl…

05.25.10 9 years ago 12 Comments

2nd Update: The Giants and Jets won their bid. I’m playing the world’s coldest violin.

UPDATE: Ufford has the counterpoint over at KSK. “Come for the Super Bowl, stay for the museums!” Needless to say, he is wrong.

Sophomoric debate has surrounded the Meadowlands’ candidacy for the 2014 Super Bowl. On one side is the “SNOWY SUPER BOWL YAY!” Camp, while the other side keeps muttering “COLD SUPER BOWL BAD.” I personally don’t give a rip either way (I wouldn’t know how to “give rips” even if I wanted to do so, but that’s neither here nor there). I’m not going to the Super Bowl when I can sit on my friend’s couch and eat all of his food on the greatest TV Sunday in America. I’m less fun in person, anyway.

I’m really on the fence. Yeah, I suppose it would be nice for the NFL to move the Super Bowl somewhere outside of the same four cities every year. Yeah, I would suppose that seeing snow during the league’s biggest game would be pretty neat, if not potentially destructive to the functionality of either team. If you really want to sit through this for three hours, this works in your favor.

But Josh, there have been other bad-weather Super Bowls, too. There’s a difference between dealing with inclement weather and essentially inviting it. And “maybe it’ll snow” seems like a smokescreen for “maybe the wind chill will be 30 below and we’ll see 250 yards of total offense.” The Super Bowl has recently enjoyed competitive games and great ratings over the last several years, and if it wasn’t the Maras co-heading this bid, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

Oh, and the F*CKING STADIUM IS IN NEW JERSEY, douchefaces. I don’t remember Buffalo submitting a bid.

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