There Is A Fishing Scandal That Involves Two Dudes Stuffing Weights Into Fish

A lot of sports that don’t get nearly as much attention as your footballs or your basketballs have been engulfed in controversy lately. There is a gigantic chess scandal in which the No. 1 player in the world, Magnus Carlsen, alleges that he has been on the other side of cheating by Hans Niemann. And earlier this week, poker has seen allegations of cheating pop up, too, during a Hustler Casino Live stream that featured an all-in decision that made little sense.

And now, the world of fishing is getting in on the fun. The following video, which shows arguments over weights being placed inside of fishes, began circulating on Twitter on Saturday. Things are obviously testy, and then, someone pulls out a knife, cuts the fish open, and some weights do, indeed, come out. At one point, it was discovered they stuffed a walleye fillet into one of the fishes to add weight.

Pretty crazy, eh? Well, let’s turn to a source for information on the internet every time we need more context to things: a message board. This time, the allegations come from the site The Ohio Outdoors, which tells us that a pair of fishermen, Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan, were found to have cheated at “one of the biggest- if not the biggest Lake Erie walleye tourney.”

“Sounds like they’ve won some big money and a boat fishing these ‘eye tournaments, and have been accused of cheating numerous times and even failed their polygraph test after they won the fall brawl a year or two ago, but their attorney saved their asses from the sounds of it,” the poster wrote. “I’m sure more details will be shared over the next week or so, but this is crazy.”

We will, like you, wait with bated breath for the next sport with a huge cheating scandal.