Five-Year-Old Insults Brandon Marshall, Summarily Swung Around By His Ankles

07.06.10 9 years ago

On Friday a tiny little five-year-old made noted football crybaby Brandon Marshall look a fool at his own football camp after Marshall attempted to calm down the young lad’s unruly behavior. Marshall proceeded to swing the poor kid around by his ankles in front of the rest of his campers, but to be fair he probably only did that because he got caught up in imagining the five-year-old as Josh McDaniels.

[Marshall] met his match on Friday morning at his own first annual Brandon Marshall Camp 19 at Lake Howell. His name is Nicholas “Manmar” Roman, a half-pint blur of a 5-year-old who didn’t seem to be buying into this whole NFL star thing.

“Manmar, that’s just what he calls himself. I don’t know why,” said his brother, 9-year-old Christian Roman.

Nicholas had gotten a bit out of control and Marshall came over to help restore some organization at the tackle-drill station. Marshall attempted to show Nicholas how to get into a three-point stance, but Nicholas wasn’t interested, instead muttering something to Marshall and then running away.

“He just told me, ‘Get out of my face,'” Marshall said, laughing with a look of disbelief. Then, as Nicholas started to wreak havoc elsewhere, Marshall ran him down and picked him up, slinging Nicholas around in the air by his legs as the other kids in the group gathered around and laughed. -Orlando Sentinel

Brandon Marshall is bullying a five-year-old who prefers to go by the name ‘Manmar’!? You’ve messed with the wrong posse because I’m pretty sure this hellraiser has a fleet of other crazy five-year-olds ready and willing to stab calf muscles at his disposal. Plus, who wants to learn how to get into a three-point stance from a wide receiver? He was probably only there for the Ricky Williams station so he could compare weed connections.

Of course, there’s always the possibility Manmar just thought he was at Ted Ginn’s camp, where it’s actually customary for campers to insult him to his face. If he tries to intervene they can just pelt him with footballs.

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