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NBA — Spurs-Hornets isn't so much a series than a succession of home-court blowouts with the sheen of import. Game 6 was in San Antonio so… (consults playground folding paper fortune teller device) YES! I will live in a mansion when I grow up! Also, Spurs win. (Now about that mansion…) Manu Ginobili hit six 3-pointers en route to 25 points and finds he's much more likable when he doesn't emphasize the flopping aspect of his flopketball skills. David West jacked up his back again, making things even more interesting for Game 7 in New Orleans. Of course, Game 7 is three days away, because the NBA Playoffs must last at least five months.

NHL — The Flyers, like the Stars, stubbornly refuse to be swept. They caught the Pens thinking they had the whole thing wrapped up, surprising Pittsburgh with three goals in the 1st period on the way to a 4-2 win in Game 4. It must be because it's the 33-year anniversary of the Islanders coming back 3-0 against the Penguins! Because the number three equals jinxed and two threes? Yo, that straight plaguish, son. The Penguins leave Sid Crosby in in the waning moments to get beat up and analysts lose their shit. He's gotta earn that pout, you know.

MLB — Jason Bay, inspirer of bad covers of "Yesterday," was the latest to tee off on Jason Isringhausen, who picked up his 5th loss with three earned in a 1/3 inning, with a homer to touch off a 7-run rally by the Pirates in the 8th and 9th to win 11-5…Brandon Webb starts 9-0 for the season with a 7-plus innings, eight strikeout performance in a 8-5 win over the Rockies…Cole Hamels gets a complete game four-hit shutout over the Bravos, and loogit, Ryan Howard did good…"Big Puma" Lance Berkman hits his league leading 15th homer in the 9th to down the Giants 8-7...The Nats' Willie Harris comes up with an insane grab in the 9th, included after the jump, to preserve a 1-0 win over the Nigh Mets

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