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Police are investigating a shooting that happened at the house of the Detroit Pistons' Flip Murray.

Murray, 27, told police he was returning to his home… about 1:30 a.m. Monday after being at a Detroit nightclub. Murray left the front door to his home open for a 25-year-old woman friend who was following him home in her own vehicle [editor's note: bow-chicka-wow-wow].

The woman was approached from behind by two masked men as she walked to the front door. "She was told to be quiet but screamed and ran inside and hid," said Scherlinck. "That brought him (Murray) down to the door where he was instructed to move towards the door by one of the gunmen and instead, he slammed it shut on them."

Murray retreated to another part of the house and called 911 as three gunshots were heard outside, Scherlinck said. Two gunshots went into the front door and one pierced a window near the door.

Man, a hard-working ballplayer is just trying to stay loose and relax before the playoffs, and people have to scare his conquest and shoot at his house.  I'd be furious.

Not the best reporting here, either.  At no point in the story does it tell us whether or not Murray ever got laid.  I'd guess no: the cops probably stayed too late.  Although with their adrenaline pumping, before the cops arrived, would have been a good time to do it.  Man, would I be an awesome detective or what?

Via TrueHoop, with a nod to Detroit Bad Boys

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