Watch Florida State’s Quarterback Throw A Football Over A Building

For a school that routinely sees its quarterbacks drafted in the first round, it’s a little disappointing that the biggest splash most of them make online is in their ability to throw footballs really, really high.

Back when he was a freshman, Jameis Winston showed he was a different breed of Seminole quarterback by throwing a football over a frat house off campus, a feat that had beaten Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel during their time at FSU:

Last year, freshman recruit J.J. Cosentino tried to make his mark by throwing a ball over a four-story apartment complex in Tallahassee, and also succeeded:

I didn't want to, but I had to #BallisLife

A video posted by JJ Cosentino (@double_j16) on

If Cosentino lives up to his recruiting ranking, he’ll hopefully have much bigger highlights posted online in the years to come.

This week’s is perhaps the most impressive yet, however. Current FSU starter Sean McGuire is clearly a bigger quarterback than most, and that size gives him a cannon of an arm. But I’m not sure we knew how big until we saw this clip of him throwing a football over the wall of Doak Campbell Stadium.

These guys all have other great attributes that make them highly-touted quarterbacks, but who knows. Maybe Jimbo Fisher thinks like our own Danger Guerrero and knows that when there’s just a few seconds left to kill and it’s 4th down, you don’t have to give the other team a chance to return a punt for the win. You could always just throw the ball really, really, really high.

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