Floyd Mayweather Has A Firm Response To The Rumors Saying Conor McGregor Was Knocked Out In Sparring

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07.18.17 3 Comments

Over the weekend, former two-weight boxing champion Jessie Vargas casually dropped the bomb that Conor McGregor had been knocked out while sparring in preparation for his mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather. Naturally, this sent ripples throughout the fight world. If McGregor was dropped, what kind of shape would he be in for his fight? And would he even be able to last 12 rounds against one of the greatest ever?

Now, Mayweather is addressing those rumors. In a phone interview with Fight Hype, Mayweather made it absolutely clear that the rumors are just that — rumors.

“If I ain’t seen no footage, I don’t believe it. Everything is rumors until I see it. I have to officially see it with my own eyes.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen, but Mayweather just won’t put his stock in McGregor taking a knockout blow in training if it’s just some talk between boxers. If McGregor is obsessed with The Secret, something tells me Mayweather is a student of Sun Tzu. If Mayweather does know the truth, and knows McGregor was knocked out in training, he’d never admit it. Not only would it put the fight in jeopardy, but it would show his hand to McGregor.

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