Floyd Mayweather Will Fight Logan (The Other) Paul In A Ridiculous Boxing Exhibition

When Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. stepped into the ring for their exhibition bout that, somehow, resulted in a draw, it was a rather ridiculous entry into the world of exhibition boxing but at least pit two actual fighters — and two of the best of their era — against each other. While the two legendary champions going toe-to-toe was the main event, the spotlight was taken by Jake Paul, the YouTube star, knocking out Nate Robinson in the latter’s boxing debut.

That fight was everything actual boxing fans hate about these exhibitions, as it put someone who has no business being in the ring in Robinson out there against the bigger Jake Paul, who previously had a knockout win in a slightly more legitimate exhibition match in 2019. Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to a money grab, and after seeing the immense amount of attention the Jake Paul fight got, he couldn’t help himself but call up Jake’s brother and fellow YouTuber turned boxing exhibitionist, Logan Paul, to set up an even more ridiculous pay-per-view event.

Mayweather, of course, is one of the greatest fighters all time, lording over the welterweight and super welterweight divisions for a decade from 2006-2016 after a decade in the late 90s and early 2000s in which he dominated at super featherweight and lightweight. In case you aren’t familiar with boxing’s weight classes, Mayweather has never fought an actual fight at above 154 pounds, and regularly came in under that even when stepping up to fight at super welterweight — for example, when he fought Conor McGregor in their exhibition match, he weighed in at 149 pounds.

Logan Paul, like his brother, has one exhibition bout under his belt, knocking out KSI in a cruiserweight showdown in which he weighed in at 199.4 pounds, just under the limit. That means that in their last “fights” the two men who will meet on February 20 will have been a full 50 pounds apart. I have no idea how this will be sanctioned or even set up, as Paul can’t get anywhere near 154 pounds and Floyd could do nothing but eat from now until February and probably could barely touch 160.

Anyways, despite that this is apparently happening and, as is so often the case with Mayweather, the promotion for the fight is rather brilliant. They are offering a special $24.99 PPV price for the first million buys, and then tiering pricing up as the fight date comes closer to get as much money in immediately as possible.

I cannot in good conscience suggest anyone buy this fight, but that won’t stop plenty for tuning in to what I can only imagine to be a less exciting version of Mayweather-McGregor, as Floyd isn’t going to even entertain the possibility of getting caught with a big shot from the (much) bigger Paul. As such, expect lots of Mayweather slipping and jabbing and doing all the things that made him the best in the world but also frustrated fans for years who hoped for something exciting to happen in his fights but were instead treated to a defensive exhibition. That worked well when he was fighting for real titles, but not so much for an exhibition like this.