‘Losers Have Excuses’: Floyd Mayweather Takes A Not-So-Subtle Shot At Manny Pacquiao

It’s only been four days and Floyd Mayweather is already tired of hearing about Manny Pacquiao’s injured shoulder. He was slightly annoyed when asked about Manny’s injury in the post-fight press conference Saturday, even going so far as to mention his own ailing shoulders and hands. Now Floyd is full on upset, using his Instagram account to take a shot at Manny and his “excuses.”

19 years in the fight game and I’ve had one excuse: “Don’t have an excuse”. Winners win and losers have excuses.

One would think Floyd would be used to the pattern that his fights fall under. People spend months talking about how this opponent is the one who will finally knock him off his perch, how this guy is the one with the tools to dethrone the pound for pound king. Then when he cruises to victory, they spend an inordinate amount of time talking that same opponent down and minimizing his triumph in the ring.

Still, it appears that Floyd and Manny have the seeds necessary to make a rematch happen. Now with the injury angle, and the added animosity, they might be able to drum up interest in watching the same exact fight again next year. It’s like the conspiracy theory everybody’s drunk uncle was talking about Saturday night come to life. Great.

(Via Floyd Mayweather)