Floyd Mayweather Is Stoking UFC Rumors Again With A Video Of Himself In A Cage

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Floyd Mayweather has made more money on pay-per-view than anyone else in combat sports history, but there’s always room in his bank account for a couple more hundred million dollar checks. That’s why there continues to be speculation that Mayweather may seriously follow through on his threat to rematch Conor McGregor in the UFC after their big money boxing match in August.

News leaked that Mayweather had reached out to UFC president Dana White in December, with White telling Joe Rogan that Floyd was ‘serious’ about a UFC fight. Mayweather himself sounded pretty serious when he told fans during a live video Q&A “I can go fight in the Octagon, I can do a three or four fight deal in the Octagon and make a billion dollars.”

Mayweather later clarified that he was just saying he could, not that he would, but since then he keeps hinting (or trolling) about a UFC fight. The latest example of this? A video on his Instagram showing a very in shape Floyd entering an MMA cage.

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