Former Street Fighter Kimbo Slice Signs with Bellator MMA

Kimbo “Kevin Ferguson” Slice, the former street fighter, MMA wash-out and fixed boxing match participant is returning to the world of mixed martial arts, as he has signed with Bellator MMA. The official announcement is expected to be made on the Bellator 132 broadcast on Friday, January 16.

Now that he’s in Bellator, there are a lot of match up opportunities that present themselves:

Vs Houston Alexander 2

Kimbo’s first and only win the UFC was a strange fight against Alexander. The first round began with nearly two minutes of Houston circling around Kimbo with only a pair of leg kicks thrown. The second round was notable for the invention of the Kimbo-Plex, and the third round ended with both men so tired they immediately doubled over to suck wind as the final buzzer sounded. With both men now in Bellator, a rematch of this epic contest is fitting.

Vs James Thompson 2

Another rematch, though the first fight was mired in controversy. This was back when Kimbo was on the EliteXC roster, and was basically that company’s biggest star. In the second round, James Thompson had Kimbo in serious trouble, landing a ton of ground and pound, but the referee, Dan Miragliotta, let the fight continue. In the third, Kimbo burst James’ swollen cauliflower ear, and Dan immediately jumped in to end the bout. At this point, a rematch is definitely needed.

Vs Bobby Lashley

There’s no history here, but come on, like Bellator wouldn’t put two “big” stars against each other?

Vs Brock Lesnar

Again, if Scott Coker can back a big enough dump truck full of cash to Lesnar’s front door, I’m pretty sure millions of casual fans would buy this fight on pay-per-view in about three seconds of the bout’s announcement.

Tune in to Bellator 132 on Spike TV at 9:00 PM ET to see the official announcment!