Watch This Tee-Ball Kid Flip His Bat And Dance With Zero Regard For Anyone’s Feelings

03.23.16 2 years ago 17 Comments

Congratulations, Jose Bautista. You’ve officially influenced the youth of our nation like you wanted to all along. You’ve used your spotlight to its fullest extent — not for good, mind you. Not to be a positive role model for our children, but to promote your own #brand of classless baseball.

Are you happy? Because of your bat flipping, we now have 4-year-old tee-ball players showboating an infield single. An infield single. With a stationary ball on a tee.

The worst part is knowing all of this could have been avoided. You, Jose, have been there before. Act like it. This 4-year-old? He hasn’t been there. He knows nothing else. But because he looks up to you, this is what he knows now.

And as if the bat flip wasn’t bad enough, this 4-year-old decided he’d keep celebrating on-base. Where are the parents? Where are the officials? Where’s the class?

What are we supposed to tell our kids when it’s the kids themselves doing the celebrating? The bat flip and the dancing? Those were the first two strikes. Strike three? We’re all out.

(Note: This is satire. This kid is amazing and I wish I was that cool at 4 years old. Someone should probably check on Goose Gossage, though.) 

(H/T Fox Sports)

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