Free Fantasy Baseball Reminder: Sorry About Buster Posey

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05.26.11 2 Comments

A few days ago I announced the return of’s free fantasy baseball game at With Leather, including a big photo of Buster Posey and a story about how I drafted him in the last game and he was terrible. Well, fast forward to Wednesday and what happens? Buster Posey dies tragically in a “standing in front of the plate without holding the ball” accident. Okay, he didn’t die, but he got hurt badly enough for me to pretend I’ve got my own Madden Curse.

So, unless you want Scott Cousins to come screaming in and injure the entirety of the Detroit Tigers, you’ll click through this link and sign up for our game. It’s free, and you’ll be saving the careers of up to 25 professional baseball players. Either way, I win! Go Tribe!

The “but no, seriously” section:

But no, seriously, the game is fun. You draft a team of guys for Friday night, and the player with the best results from the day’s games (not counting Pirates/Cubs, because it happens too early) gets money from a $300 cash pool. You get free money for barely doing anything. It’s like being a blogger! Sign up, and support your local website.

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