Free Fantasy Baseball With FanDuel Returns This Week, Could Earn You $500

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.18.12 3 Comments

Two weeks ago, With Leather and FanDuel broke in the 2012 Major League Baseball season by giving out a buffet of free cash to anyone who could sign up for a free, one night game and draft the best team. I challenged you to defeat me, then followed through with one of the most abysmal performances in fantasy sports history. I won’t give you the specifics, but I finished about 100 spots below the last place guy.

Anyway, the contest is back this week, and if you sign up for the free game right now you’ll have a chance to spent your Friday, April 20th winning wads of money from a $500 cash pool. I’m drafting Jamie Moyer and like Jacksonville Jaguars, there’s no way you can do worse than me.

Here’s how it works:

So it’s time for me and Jose Bautista to put that .222 average to work. Sign up and let me know who you’re drafting in our comments section (because I desperately need some tips)!

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