Friday Face-Off: Dogs On Swings Vs. A Very Hungry Baby Sea Otter

Senior Writer
03.30.12 4 Comments

Esteban the Guinea Pig is here to keep this competition clean.

Welcome back to another installment of With Leather’s Friday Face-Off, amigos and comrades. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve pitted two awesome videos against each other, but we are neglecting you no more. Today we are putting you all inside the Thunderdome of cuteness, as we going back to our roots and having two spectacular animal videos force you into making the toughest decision of your week.

First up, I’m tapping into a recent Uproxx post that I threw together to help everyone have a wonderful Friday. It was a gallery of animals on swings, and I’m pretty sure it got me fast-tracked for a Pulitzer. But until I hear from that committee about my prize, someone took it one step further and made a video of dogs on swings. Yes, it’s as awesome as you would imagine.

While that may seem like an immediate victory, this next video is no slouch. This baby sea otter really speaks to the lazy ass in me, as I watch it roll over to get back to its food. While I’ve never actually tried eating in a pool – soggy Bagel Bites just sound gross – I can respect this otter’s bare minimum effort to do what is most convenient.

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