Friday Sports Conversation: Who Is The Best Running Back Of All-Time?

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01.23.15 75 Comments
Best Running Backs

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Let’s jump right into this week’s sports conversation: who is the best running back of all-time? Who is the running back you want leading your team to a championship? You can make an argument for Barry Sanders, the greatest pure runner the NFL will ever see—or Walter Payton and Jim Brown, complete football players who could run, catch and block—or Emmitt Smith, who had the most team success.

Those are the four that likely stick out in most people’s minds. Those are the four by which most others are compared against. But there are others. Eric Dickerson and Gale Sayers come to mind, Earl Campbell too. Toss in O.J. Simpson and recent backs like LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson and the list keeps going from there.

Who you got?

Despite my Detroit tries, I’m surprisingly #TeamPayton.

Barry Sanders

Walter Payton

Jim Brown

Emmitt Smith

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