Full Court Alley-Oop Buzzer Beater: Suddenly Every Play In The Clippers Playbook

Full court alleys-oop happen from time to time, but as a buzzer beater? I’m not sure what was on the line in this Vinita, Oklahoma, high school game and I’m not even sure about the score — the scoreboard makes it look like it’s 40-5 — but a clock-manipulating bounce pass (it’s not gonna start until someone touches the ball) off the inbound to a guy downcourt is the raddest whether they won the game with it or not.

Of course, the major issue of the video is the terrible defense, so if it was actually 40-5 I wouldn’t be shocked.

This clip comes to us courtesy of Clay from Club 93.7, who very appropriately play Today’s Hottest Jamz. If a hot jam ever necessitated a Z, it’s this one.