Gabby Douglas Is A Gold Medalist In Gymnastics And Breaking Hearts

I have to give credit where it’s due. When Twitter celebrity Leon Purvis first posted a video asking 2012 Summer Olympics superstar and gold medalist Gabby Douglas to prom, I thought that we just had another one of those typical star-chaser types on our hands. But it turns out that while, yes, Purvis is a bit of a star-chaser, he gets results.

For example, Douglas wasn’t his first celebrity conquest. Originally, Purvis rose to fame in 2011 when he asked Justin Bieber to his junior prom “as a bro”. Hey, don’t judge. I’ve asked Channing Tatum to be my best friend, so we obviously all use the Internet to get things done on our own accord. The only difference is that while C-Tates has never responded to me, Purvis actually met the Biebs in person. And yesterday morning, he received his response from Douglas.

You see, people? Star-chasing pays off if you’re not a total creepshow about it. It’s just too bad that Purvis didn’t get the response he wanted.


Ah yes, the oldest response in the books – “scheduling conflict”. Still, Mila Kunis had a “scheduling conflict” but she still ended up going to the Marine Corps Ball with that one incredibly lucky solider, so I just assume there’s a greater force at work here. That’s right – Oprah.

Sure, at first, I said that Purvis had a chance if he pinned Oprah, but you know that her majesty probably already has Douglas lined up for someone “more worthy”, like one of Tom Cruise’s kids or even worse… THE BEES!!!

Anyway, ever the trooper, Purvis won’t give up and he made another video. Yes, he still does that over-the-top greeting, but I’ll still give the kid his credit, and I’m going to think of a good next target for him, too.