Gallery: Gina Carano Is In Her Underwear And Ready To Kill You

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01.06.12 37 Comments

I was worried about having a stressful weekend — dealing with life and obligations and getting the first episode of our podcast up by Monday — but our man Weed Against Speed has come through in the clutch, and oh boy what a clutch it is: GQ magazine’s interview with fighter, American Gladiator and upcoming Haywire film star Gina Carano is up, and with it comes a full underpants photoshoot and video. And video.
An excerpt:

“I like fighting,” she says, “because it’s honest.” In Haywire’s third act, the villain warns a henchman that it would be a mistake to think of Carano’s character as a woman. As if such a thing were possible, on-screen or off. “The guys I date always want to test my strength and wrestle around,” she says, laughing. “By the end, they’re drenched in sweat.” Poor guys. That sounds just awful.

I guess only women can beat her up! Also, I collapsed while reading this and am finishing the blog entry from the floor.
Check out the incredible photos (especially number 6 … holy mary mother’a god) and stick around for the video. It will really “knock you out” (mma reference)!

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