The Sports World Fired Off ‘Game Of Thrones’ Memes After The Battle Of Winterfell


Sunday’s edition of Game of Thrones featured a moment that served as the culmination of one of the main plot points for the entire series. I am going to put a big ol’ space between the end of this sentence and the next paragraph, perhaps even a video of a puppy tasting a lemon, and on the other side, we’re gonna dive into one particularly gigantic spoiler.

Ok! So Arya kills The Night King at the Battle of Winterfell. It was a dramatic way to end the episode, and while there are three episodes left before the show comes to an end, The Army of the Dead is now a thing of the past. Now, all eyes are on the North marching down to King’s Landing in an attempt to take the Iron Throne.

Until we get to that point next week (or the week after, or the week after that), though, Thrones fans decided to fire off a collection of jokes about Arya’s triumph. Before we get to that, though, here is a video of Stephen A. Smith that sums up Samwell Tarly’s performance during the battle that made me laugh.

Pretty good! The bulk of the memes, though, had to do with Arya. There were a whole lot of jokes that had to do with the NBA and college hoops, specifically.

My favorite of the bunch was, easily, The Night King pulling a Paul George.

We, of course, got a Crying Jordan out of the whole thing, because what is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger, and the Crying Jordan meme died sometime in like 2016.

And a Drake curse reference.

Even some NBA teams got in on the fun, with the Atlanta Hawks and Portland Trail Blazers getting some tweets off.

We’ll see what the final few weeks of the show have in store, but it’s safe to assume the memes were stronger following the Battle of Winterfell than they will be at any other point in its final season.