‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans All Had The Same Joke About The Night King And The New York Jets

As fans watched everyone’s favorite August sport, Game of Thrones, on Sunday night, the same thought came to mind during “Beyond The Wall.” For those that haven’t watched the episode just yet, this is where you should leave if you are concerned about SPOILERS, because they are coming very soon.

While our band of heroes went north of the wall with the incredibly dumb plan to capture a wight and bring it back to King’s Landing, they found themselves in the precarious position of almost being killed by the army of the dead. Shocking, I know. However, luckily, like in the “Battle of the Bastards,” right before Jon Snow’s crew could be killed, someone came in to save the day late, this time that person being Dany and her dragons.

As the dragons swooped around, burning the army of the dead, the Night King calmly snagged a spear and launched one into one of the dragons, killing it. It was sad, for those that have grown attached to the dragons in the series, but for sports fans it sent their minds in a different direction altogether.

After the Night King launched that spear with incredible arm strength and accuracy, seemingly every football fan hit Twitter with the same joke construct. Some were more clever than others — or at least, had more work put into them — while others just went for the low-hanging fruit, but the consensus was, the New York Jets should sign the Night King to play quarterback.

My personal favorite is this one, where someone tossed a Brady Pats jersey on the Night King while referencing how he should be on the Jets.

Anyways, that is but a sampling of the hundreds of jokes made on Twitter about the Night King and the Jets. I, however, being good and smart and funny was far more original and went with the Hound4Browns joke after he took the jaw off a wight with a rock.

Yeah, it’s not any better. This is a friendly reminder that almost none of us have any original thoughts or jokes anymore. We’re all just yelling into the void. Enjoy your week!