Gavin DeGraw Wiped Out After Singing The National Anthem Before A Nashville Predators Playoff Game

Getty Image

The postseason is time to pull out all the stops, and that goes for game day presentation as well. Fun pump up videos and special guests to sing the national anthem are commonplace in the playoffs, and no team does it better than the Nashville Predators.

Playing hockey in the country music mecca of the world provides a pretty excellent crop of musicians to choose from, and Game 5 in Nashville against the Predators and Dallas Stars saw Gavin DeGraw perform on Saturday. Here’s the anthem, as provided by NBC Sports, who aired the game.

Pretty good, right? But here’s something the TV cameras didn’t show you. The singer was clearly pumped up about the anthem and Game 5, and he waved to the crowd while backpedaling on the carpet. But he walked right off the carpet and onto the ice, which is slippery and can be dangerous when not wearing skates.

DeGraw was not wearing skates.

Plenty of folks caught the video of DeGraw falling, and you can hear some people reacting to him falling.

The photo of the day, however, comes from The Tennessean, which wrote a story that DeGraw later shared on Facebook.

Incredible. He seemed to be in good spirits despite the fall, though. And if it make DeGraw feel any better, the Predators fell, too. They lost, 5-3 in Game 5 and face elimination against the Stars in Game 6.