Italian Jumper Is Taking Facial Hair Styling To Weirdly High Places

Gianmarco Tamberi half beard mid jump
Getty Image

Life decisions are hard, yet one that doesn’t appear to be as difficult is how one chooses to style their facial hair. Most decide to either be fully shaven, minimal facial hair, or full bore ZZ Top. Unless you’re Italian high jumper Gianmarco Tamberi, who decided the whole debate around facial hair stylings is so passé. Why not have the best of both worlds?

At the 2015 European Indoor Championships, Tamberi unveiled the look that will no doubt shape the course of facial styling history: a half-beard. Now before you start laughing… actually, go ahead. It’s pretty funny. However, Tamberi would get the last laugh.

Shortly after he unveiled the new look, Sports Illustrated reports Tamberi began setting all kinds of records:

Tamberi first debuted the half-beard and half-shaven look at the 2015 European Indoor Championships in March as he believes the style is a good luck charm. It worked on July 1 as he set the Italian national record in the high jump with a clearance of 2.34 meters.

At the 2015 London Indoor Championships, Tamberi finished second in the men’s high jump competition. If you’re unsure what to make of the look, don’t worry — Twitter is here to help.

Our thoughts exactly.

(Via Sports Illustrated, Deadspin)