Giannis’ Incredible Free Throw Shooting In Game 6 Got Folks At One Wisconsin Bar Hammered For Free

A deciding factor in Game 6 of the NBA Finals was Giannis Antetokounmpo making 17-19 free throws. With Giannis, a career 71.7% free throw shooter, making so many of his attempts, the Bucks were able to consistently keep the Suns at arm’s length as they went on to win their first championship since 1971.

Giannis’ hot shooting night from the stripe also played a part in a lot of Bucks fans getting absolutely ripped.

A bar called Crow Bar and Grill in Mishicot, Wisconsin announced on Facebook prior to Game 6 that they would be giving away free shots for every made Giannis free throw, which meant fans there got 17 free shots for their troubles.


There are some questions to ask here. Did patrons have to cash in these free shots all in one night? Did it apply to any alcohol of their choice or was it the bartender’s choice? And how many people were taking these shots in real time? To the last question, they responded in the comments “all of them,” which…goodness.


Mishicot, for what’s it’s worth, is classified as a village and has a population of 1,442 according to the last U.S. Census. So one would presume that this wasn’t necessarily a massive, packed bar like it would have been in downtown Milwaukee.

However, it’s incredible that a bar was willing to give away free shots for Giannis free throw makes, thinking that this would max out around 10 shots, if that. But Antetokounmpo, as an MVP does, came through clutch and presumably got some lucky people quite the complimentary buzz.