Giants Fans Are Desperate For Tickets

10.27.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Now that the world’s prayers have been answered and baseball TV ratings powerhouse monsters the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants will begin World Series action tonight, fans of these storied franchises are doing whatever they can to get their hands on tickets to the games, as if it’s rare for them to make it this far. Tickets for tonight’s game 1 are as high as $20,000 for a pair on sites like StubHub, which means, if my experience with online scalping has taught me anything, those sellers will receive $8 after fees.

But some fans are trying to get creative while others are just pissed that they can’t afford to deal with these insane markups. One Giants fan took to Craigslist to complain about the markup of a $50 ticket to $500, to which I suggest he attend another game instead. Perhaps tough versus titties? Another fan is offering use of his beach house in exchange for tickets, and another is even willing to fix someone’s busted grill for a seat at AT&T Park. Haha, British people don’t like baseball!

Anyone need tickets, Mercury News? Who’s got tickets for sale, Mercury News?

Looking for a way to beat the high prices, many fans were forced to come up with exotic strategies. One online ad offered to barter free dental work for Giants tickets; another held out the promise of “awesome” World Series tickets in exchange for “pre-IPO” or “founders shares” of stock.

Wow, I hope it’s Internet start-up stock! Additionally, I found this online ad for a Giants fan looking for tickets to any home games: “Hey man, like, what if, like the stars were really little baseballs, man? And like we could just, like, reach up and grab them and be like, wow man, it’s a star, man. PELOSI IN 2012!”

In related news, Rangers manager Ron Washington is so desperate to score that he’s offering BJs, but I’ve been told I missed the point on that.

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