Giants’ New Stadium Already Sucks

05.17.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

The New York Giants were told there would be no math. Unfortunately, it was their fans that bore the brunt of what looks like shoddy planning in the new New Jersey stadium complex (not pictured) that will house both the Giants and the New York Jets this fall. One such Giants fan went to see the seats that he’d bought with season tickets, only to discover that one of them wasn’t even there.

One fan who paid $31,000 for seats 3 through 7 in a row in Section 148 went to the new field on April 24 to find that the row only had six seats.

“I counted and I said, ‘OK, something’s not right,'” the fan said.

The Giants diehard blew the whistle to The [NY] Post after customer-service reps at the $1.7 billion stadium couldn’t immediately fix the problem.

The Giants have said that their will be a seat there once the season starts. SI’s Ross Tucker points out the idiocy of buying season tickets in this day and age when HDTV gives you nearly as good a visual without forcing you to wait in line to pee. Of course, if you have young kids, you’d probably pay $31k to get out of the house eight times a year. I know I would.

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