The Giants Reportedly Trashed The Team Plane After They Lost To Green Bay

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Reports trickled out that the New York Giants trashed their Delta flight on the way back to New York after losing to the Green Bay Packers in an NFC Wild Card game on Sunday night. Passengers tweeted from the plane that their subsequent overseas flight was delayed hours because the crew had to clean up after the Giants, who returned to New York late Sunday night.

He also made a nice point about proper flying decorum despite a bad sports loss.

The New York Post has some more details provided by Kropf, who was one of a number of passengers to Tweet about the delay.

Mark Kropf said he was waiting to board United Airlines Flight 934 out of Newark when “the pilot came out and asked for everyone’s patience, and shared where the plane came from and that the plane needed extra help repairing and cleaning the interior.”

“Another 30 minutes passed and the gate agent told us it was the Giants that destroyed the biz class cabin, and we saw service personnel walking countless seat cushions off the plane,” Kropf​, a tech company employee from Brooklyn,​ wrote in a message via Twitter.

“Upon entering the business class cabin, the cleaning scent only partially masked the alcohol smell. I had popcorn, chewing tobacco and other food crumbs on my seat.”

Giants players showed a lot of frustration after the Wild Card loss, but it’s not like they just magically lost that game. New York gave up a Hail Mary to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers just before the half and they never really recovered.

Though Odell Beckham’s drops were hilariously blamed on the wideout’s trip to Miami, he was fed up after the game as well. He got in on the vandalism act by punching a hole through a wall at Lambeau Field after the game.

Reporters have been holding vigil around the hole waiting for it to be patched up. Maybe, like Delta, they should just clean it up and everyone could move on with their lives.

(via The Big Lead)