Gilbert Arenas Really Loves Planking

As we mentioned earlier, the NBA is less than two days away from taking a seat next to the NFL at the lockout table, and that means that players are going to have to find new ways to keep themselves entertained until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached. Thankfully, Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas doesn’t have to worry about that because every day is an adventure for the man who recently reunited with Twitter. And according to Arenas’ Twitter account, the one-time superstar has already been keeping himself quite busy by planking.
Arenas’ latest planking exploit took place on teammate Dwight Howard’s Porsche, as you can see above. But Arenas claims that this was his planking finale, one final bang to bid farewell to this ridiculous fad that has somehow killed people. I worry that his retirement from planking may be premature, as Arenas will have to find new fads to keep himself entertained. Just kidding, he’s already got his hands full with more legal problems.
In the meantime, you can enjoy the best of Arenas’ planking exploits – I’m actually impressed by the toll booth – which include a guest appearance from Superman.