Gina Carano Won’t Stop Hurting People

01.19.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

“The only time I got hurt was when I punched Gina Carano in the head by accident.”

I want that written on my tombstone.

That’s what Ewan McGregor told an extremely excited to be there correspondent of the E! Network at the Golden Globes. Between this and trying to pop Jim Norton’s eyeballs out of his head it looks Gina’s doing more damage as a leading lady than she ever did cagefighting and whomping people in the neck with pugil sticks on ‘American Gladiators’.

The story, which either confirms that Gina Carano’s skull is too foxy for human hands or Obi-Wan Kenobi can’t throw a punch:

“I had a series of three punches, but the third one…for one reason or another I connected really hard on the side of her head,” McGregor said. “She was the one who got straight up and said, ‘Are you OK?’ She was asking me if I was OK! But she was right because I almost broke my friggin’ hand!”

Carano took the hit like a champ. McGregor laughed, “She was absolutely fine.”

I guess she’s really taking that killing people in her underwear thing seriously. She should’ve connected really hard on the side of his head for making Down With Love.

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