Girls Generation Is Still Terrible At First Pitches

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05.08.13 6 Comments

Tiffany Hwang

As an unapologetic stan for The Wonder Girls, I like to throw shade at Girls Generation whenever I can. Last year, I got my first opportunity to turn a sports comedy blog into a Korean teenager’s Tumblr when Jessica Jung wound up for a dramatic first pitch and got it about four inches before it hit dirt. I laughed and laughed, and took joy in the momentary failure of a rich pretty lady who probably didn’t give a shit.

Fast forward a year and history is repeating itself.

Tiffany Hwang of Girls’ Generation was tasked with throwing out the first pitch at Monday’s Los Angeles Dodgers/Arizona Diamondbacks game. She wore cat ears. She had a dramatic wind-up, just like Jessica Jung. She impressed the crowd by firing in a strike, and hahahaha no she didn’t. Here’s the clip:

Well, she did better than Jessica, at least. Maybe if we put all nine girls on the mound at once, their combined strength could get the ball to home plate. (How are these esoteric K-Pop jokes working out for you? Good?)

Here’s the Vine version, if you’d like to pretend you’re having a stroke while watching a Dodgers game.

[h/t to Sportress]

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