God Dropped Steve Johnson’s Pass

11.29.10 7 years ago 9 Comments
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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson has been a very pleasant addition to two of my fantasy football rosters this season, but I guess it’s worth pointing out that Bills fans are pretty excited to have an actual playmaker receiver on their roster for the first time since some guy named Andre Reed was strapping on his Hall of Fame shoes. No offense, Eric Moulds. Off the field Johnson had been more of a quiet presence, as we didn’t hear much from the guy who racked up 3 touchdowns against Cincinnati in Week 11. Like any good wide receiver, though, Steve Johnson has a Twitter account and he’s now a star.

Last night, after Johnson dropped a game-winning touchdown pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick in overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Steve sulked on the sidelines by himself, visibly distraught over his gaffe. He was shaken in the postgame conference as well, and the mistake will undoubtedly haunt him for the next few weeks. But after all was said and done, Johnson Tweeted his ultimate frustrations, calling out the man upstairs for not allowing him to catch the ball. That’s right, it’s all God’s fault.

Video of the drop and a closing sermon after the jump…

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