Golf Baby? Golf Baby.

Meet PEANUT (note: not his real name), the baby is is so good at golf he got a video uploaded about him called GOLF BABY.

He’s not drilling holes-in-one or anything (he’s not a Powerade commercial, he is a baby), but he’s a 17-month old child with a great natural swing, consistently and powerfully drilling golf balls in his home with a toy club. This isn’t a kid mindlessly swinging … these are purposeful, strong shots, and he only misses a few of them.

In 15 years, when Rory McIlroy has been disgraced because of a sex scandal, GOLF BABY will arrive to pal around with him in Nike commercials and have the torch passed. As the Internet’s leading golf analyst, I can predict this, because a baby is good at toys.

[h/t to Buzzfeed Sports]