Good God, Somebody Turned A 3D Printer Into An Air Hockey Dominating Robot

Air hockey technology has advanced a lot in the last twelve months. Before, air hockey was a thing you played at bowling alleys and in those arcades in the lobbies of movie theaters. Then, someone upped the game by combining it with beer pong, creating Alcohockey. Now we’re living in a world of air hockey-playing robots who use artificial intelligence and impossible reflexes to make you a loser, sending you sulking back to alcoholism and pinball machines or whatever.

The other big technological leap forward for society (besides air hockey drinking and air hockey robots) is the continuing perfection of the 3D printer, a device that can create usable, deadly weapons as easily as it can print out your flight information. A world that shares “air hockey dominating robots” with “printers that can create murder” HAD to combine them, right?

Behold, that combination: The Air Hockey Robot Project.

AHRobot is an air hockey robot player build using standard RepRap 3D printer parts: electronics, motors, drivers, bearings, belts… and a DIY air hockey table.

Google’s probably already bought this thing. KILL IT WITH FIRE.