09.28.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

If you’ve grown weary of the prudishness of your Nintendo Wii, enjoy poker, and don’t live in Australia, then this news is for you.

Wii’s “Sexy Poker” is a downloadable game that lets you play Texas Hold’em and Blackjack against a dealer in an attempt to de-clothe anime babes.

Yep. Use those motion censors remotes to hit, stand, bet … and then reap the benefits of a bikini-wearing animated character. The game features no nudity, which is a good thing for me, bad thing for weirdoes. via.

I’ve never been a big fan of taking something that guys already like and mashing nudity into it. Women are supposed to get naked to make me do stuff that I don’t want to do. And I mean like actual women, not some vector image drawn up by some sexually frustrated dude in Tokyo. I already like poker, so the nudity doesn’t do me any good there. Wake me up when “Wii Sexy Personal Finance” comes out. Because right now my stock portfolio is a hot mess.

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