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I blame Fedeline. And McDonald’s” title=”I blame Fedeline. And McDonald’s” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

As we all know, any time two celebrities are seen in the same room, it means that they're interested in each other.  If they talk to each other, it means they're having sex, and if they hold hands, OH MAN!  Are those wedding bells I hear?

Well, E! Online has the latest scoop on Cowboys QB Tony Romo and his active love life.  And by "scoop" I mean they saw him in Vegas LA, where he was propositioned by some chubby drunk bar skank:

Britney Spears [was] enjoying herself big-time Friday night at Hollywood hot spot Les Deux. Her good time seemed to have a lot to do with enjoying the company of big-gun Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Hunky sports hero Tony knows a thing or three about picking up blitzes, but he seemed caught off guard by Britney's southern charms. Say what you will about Britney, she doesn't seem to have any problem attracting men.

Listen, Tony Romo is mildly retarded and all, but I have a real tough time believing that a guy who can convince Sophia Bush to come watch people play video games would do anything more with Britney Spears than maybe tolerate her presence.  Unless he's got a time machine in his cock that can screw Britney back to 2000, there's no way he's interested in her.  Although if he does have a time-cock, I totally respect him now.  And also understand why he spends all that time in the graveyard.

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