Grayson Boucher Played Basketball As Spider-Man, And It Is Amazing

Remember earlier this year when Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield played pick-up basketball with a bunch of kids while wearing his Spidey suit, and the general consensus was that real life Spider-Man sucked at basketball? It was a sad day for anybody who grew up reading comics and fantasy booked comic book sports (real talk: the first pick in your comic book basketball draft is Bullseye, or you’re stupid.)

And1 Mixtape Tour star Grayson “The Professor” Boucher is healing that wound.

After the jump is a clip of him playing basketball dressed as Spider-Man, and it’s everything you wanted out of the Andrew Garfield clip.

The only thing missing is him dunking and sticking to the backboard.

Uh, make that happen, somebody.

[h/t to Lost Lettermen by way of The Big Lead]