Great, David Beckham's In His Underwear Again

What David Beckham lacks in soccer playing abilities these days, he more than makes up for in being good-looking, having a ton of money, cultivating a well-rounded family (by all accounts) with his smoking hot wife, and being very, very good-looking. Seriously, there was a point in the 2012 Summer Olympics when Beckham was cheering on England’s Tom Daley and I thought it was going to take a million Kate Uptons to bring me back. But I’ve said too much.

Last year, Beckham introduced his partnership with H+M for its Bodywear underwear line with a series of underwear pictures – met by a few hateful jeers from the soccer community – and it was business as usual. The fact is, David Beckham likes being in his underwear. And now H+M is back with a new campaign and to celebrate that, the company has immortalized Beckham’s bulge in statue form.

You’ve heard of at least one undressed sculpture named “David,” but starting tomorrow, H&M will give Michaelangelo a run for his money with their giant David Beckham statues. (Via NBC New York)

*bowtie spins, helicopters penis*

The statues will be strategically placed in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (now I know why Brandon is in California) and there’s an added cash prize bonus to anyone clamoring to get a picture of the statue.

For some, a glimpse of Beck (even inanimate) in his skivvies is rewarding enough, but Instagram users who post a snapshot of the statue with hashtag #HMBeckham could win serious prizes, including a $1,000 shopping spree and a signed pair of underpants from the man himself.

“Hey honey,” I’d yell across my fancy blogger estate, “Take down my autographed Ozzie Smith jersey, I need to hang up this pair of tighty-whities autographed by a soccer player.”

In incredibly-strange-but-related news, the San Francisco Chronicle has the odd story of Beckham’s friendship with “comedian” Russell Brand at this year’s summer games.

Brand was nursing a bad back ahead of the ceremony, and as he worked out his routine at rehearsals last week he sought advice from Beckham.

He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I was speaking to David Beckham, who was there with his lovely wife Victoria, and I was asking him about pain relief for a bad back.

“I’ve got this pain in my lower back and I asked him if he had one of those injections for the pain when he was playing. He said all I needed was a massage, but he wasn’t exactly offering.”

I don’t know what’s less shocking, Brand asking for an injection or the bad joke.