Great Moments In Spring Break History: When Brain Freeze Chugging Contests Go Wrong

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03.25.13 6 Comments

In honor of bros and babes across the U.S. taking breaks from their studies and racking up student loans that will cripple them financially for the next 10 years, I’ll be celebrating Great Moments in Spring Break History all week long with videos of totally awesome Spring Break moments that may or may not have gone as expected. Today’s video is a frozen drink chugging contest that probably ended one woman’s vacation early.

Alyssa and the ADPi’s were super stoked about spending Spring Break 2010 in Cancun, you guys, because their trip to Freeport in 2009 was totally ruined when Shannyn and Madyson were arrested for buying weed from those local guys they thought were Omegas. Alyssa was especially excited to be partying with the girls ever since she caught Chad cheating on her with that Pi Phi slut in the back of his dad’s 5 series. It was truly a trip for the ages.

On the second day, after an awesome booze cruise that ended with Shayna and Melynie puking in a Waffle house parking lot, Alyssa was feeling a little crazy-confident after singing, “Diamond Girl” at a karaoke bar, so she entered herself in a frozen drink chugging contest against some random people, including two bros named Tank and C-Note, as well as a Chi O named Pearl from Texas Tech. More important than pride, there was a $200 bar tab on the line, and Alyssa desperately wanted to win so she didn’t have to use her dad’s credit card again.

Alyssa never stood a chance, though. Pearl was practically a ringer, having been Sigma Chi’s Beer Pong for Breast Cancer champion three years running. Fortunately, Shannyn was very aware of that fact, having overheard Pearl’s big bro talking about it in the bathroom while she gave some guy named Fun Ricky a handy. So she spiked Pearl’s 190 Octane with two extra Bacardi shooters, which resulted in this now-infamous video.

Where Are They Now: Pearl ended up being fine. She was treated in the ER, and screamed, “Puke and rally!” as the staff pumped her stomach. Shannyn, however, was ratted out by her former BFF Tammy, so she’s still in a Mexican jail to this day. Alyssa returned to Purdue, where she made up with Chad and married him shortly after graduation. They eventually divorced after he revealed that he is gay, and she went on to marry a lawyer with six kids from two previous marriages. Alyssa is currently the third best realtor in her county.

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